2 Providing low and constant measuring force for high-accuracy inspec tion of delicate workpieces I dea l for mea sur ing t he t hi ckne s s or he i ght of a workp i e ce t hat c an b e ea s i l y af fe c te d by t he mea sur ing for ce • W i th a measur ing force of onl y 0.01 N , the L i temat i c is i deal for measur ing easi l y deformed workpi e ce s or high - accurac y component s . • F or workpi e ce s for whi ch 0.01 N is insuf f i ci ent , e i ther the 0.15N or 1 N mode l is re commended. • T he spindl e is motor- dr i ven and s tops when the cont ac t po int touche s the workpi e ce. From then on, the ma x imum, minimum, or di f ference value c an b e measured using a cons t ant measur ing force. Separate type VL-50S - B Because the measuring unit and the display unit are separate, they can be integrated into the user's measurement system. An optional dedicated stand is also available. Constant measuring force principle An unba lance d , para l l e l - l ink s t ruc tur e enab l e s t he L i temat i c to of fer a l ow and cons t ant mea sur ing for ce . The Litematic's measuring force is not provided by a spring but comes from a struc ture resembling a balance scale. We call this a "parallel linkage." A motorized slider carr ying the linked spindle moves down it s guideway while the linkage is suppor ted on a stop, as shown in Fig 1. When the spindle contac t s the workpiece (Fig. 2) it moves the linkage up of f the stop and the motor is halted. At this point the linkage is now suppor ted by the workpiece, and thus a constant measuring force is applied. Litematic VL-50S-B Litematic VL-50-B F i g. 1. T he sp indl e move s downwards towards the wo r kp i e ce. F i g. 2. T he sp indl e l i f t s the l inkag e of f the s top into the measur ing p o s i t i on. The contact point on the spindle touches the workpiece, lifting the linkage off the stop and halting the motor that was lowering the spindle, thus applying a constant force to the workpiece. Parallelgestänge Maßstab Stopp Motorschlitten Gegengewicht (erzeugt das erforderliche Ungleichgewicht) N ote: T he s t and (9 574 6 0) i s s o l d as an opt i on. Hi gh - a ccura c y mea sur ement • High re s o lut i on down to 0.01 µm and a wi de 50 mm measurement range. T he us e of a l ow thermal - e x pansi on mater ial for the spindl e and cerami c for the measur ing t abl e minimize s the ef fe c t of temp erature var iat i on dur ing us e. T he uni t is rus t-fre e, simpl i f y ing maintenance and management . Parallel link Scale Stop Motor carriage Counterweight

3 If the workpiece is soft the risk of indentation may be reduced by replacing the standard contact point with one of larger radius, such as an optional carbide-ball type. F or this t ype of workpi ece, the smal l es t measur ing force avai labl e is recommended. If the workpiece flexes, making accurate measurement impossible, using a type with a larger measuring force or adding a weight to the spindle may be effective. T he L i temat i c c an be us ed as a high - precision displacement gauge. Bec aus e the measur ing force is smal l, deformat ion of the workpi ece c an be minimized. F or this t ype of workpi ece, the smal l es t measur ing force avai labl e is recommended. I f the workpi ece is s of t the r isk of indent at ion may be reduced by replacing the s t andard cont ac t point wi th one of larger radius , such as an opt ional c arbide - bal l t ype. If the workpiece flexes, making accurate measurement impossible, using a type with a larger measuring force or adding a weight to the spindle may be effective. F or this t ype of workpi ece the smal l es t measur ing force avai labl e is recommended. P las t i c Rubber Keypad Blue plate glas s L ens es Cont ac t L ens es F i lm Flexible substrates Various types of sheet Bear ing Shaf t Chas sis Shimming mater ials Blade spr ings Beverage c an mater ials Media t ape Hard disk s Various types of disks I nj ec t ion needl es P i l ls P f las ter und S alben Chips Wafer L ead frames P r inted circui t boards Connec tor s Bat ter y component s Rubb er and p la s t i c G la s s Fi lm and sheet Medical and pharmaceutical products Semi conduc tor s El e c t roni c component s Thin sheet met a l Pr e c i s i on component s Me dia di s c s Example Measurement Applications

4 • Control panel/Display Unit • Rear panel (switches and connectors) 11 12 10 9 8 18 17 13 14 6 7 5 2 4 1 3 16 15 Key func t i on Key Func t ion 1) Up Moves the spindl e up onl y whi l e the key is pres s ed. 2) Down Moves the spindl e down onl y whi l e the key is pres s ed. Used to touch the cont ac t point on a workpiece to make a measurement. 3) Rapid Up Moves the spindl e up qui ckl y onl y whi l e the key is pres s ed. 4) Rapid Down Moves the spindl e down qui ckl y onl y whi l e the key is pres s ed. 5) ZERO S et s the or igin at any posi t ion of the spindl e. A ls o, i t zero - s et s al l display values for di f ference measurement s . T his key c an be us ed to cl ear an er ror. 6) PRESE T A llows the cur rent l y displayed value to be s et from the keyboard, ir respec t i ve of spindl e posi t ion. O f ten us ed in conjunc t ion wi th gauge block s . 7) MODE S el ec t s and s et s one of the var ious measurement modes such as MA X / M I N measurement 8) L I M I T Enter s tol erance l imi t s for tol erance judgment . 9) T E ACH S et s up the posi t ion memor y. 10) PM1 to PM3 Moves the spindl e to a prev iousl y s tored posi t ion wi th a singl e key s troke. I ndi c ator (L ED) I ndi c ator Func t ion 11) GO/ NG Display s the resul t of a GO/ NG judgment . 12) Sign L ight s to display a minus value. 13) MA X L ight s in the ma x imum value mode. Both l ight when the measurement is the di f ference t ype (MA X - M I N). 14) M I N L ight s in the minimum value mode. 15) WORK L ight s whi l e a workpi ece is being measured. 16) T.H. L ight s when a measurement value is held af ter the measurement has been compl eted. 17) C.T. L ight s when the us er compens at ion is s et to ON . (L ight s whi l e the posi t ion memor y is ac t i ve.) 18) U N I T L ight s whi l e the uni t of display values is inch. (L ight s in the ex ternal HO L D mode.) 1) Measurement dat a output connec tor (OU T ) Output s measurement dat a to a Digimat i c mini - proces s or, etc. R S - L I NK connec tor ( I N /OU T ) Connec t s mul t ipl e dev i ces and c an output measurement dat a from one R S -232 por t 2) R S -232C connec tor F or communi c at ion wi th a P C, etc. 3) E x ternal control connec tor Us ed to connec t this ins trument to an ex ternal dev i ce for remote control 4) GN D terminal — 5) F oot s wi tch Footswitch (optional) for controlling measurement operation is connected here 6) DC I N Input connector to receive power from the AC mains adapter 7) Power s wi tch — 8) AC adapter cord clamp Prevents AC adapter cord from pulling out 9) CON T RO L connec tor : for V L-50S - B onl y Gauge head connector 10) I N PU T connec tor : for V L-50S - B onl y Gauge head connector VL- 5 0 - B VL- 5 0AH/5 0S - B 1 8 4 2 3 5 6 7 1 10 9 8 2 3 5 6 7 4 Func tions

5 Specifications Order No. 318-221*4 318-222*4 318-223*4 318-226*4 318-227*4 318-228*4 Model VL-50-B VL-50-15-B VL-50-100-B VL-50S-B VL-50S-15-B VL-50S-100-B Measuring range*1 0 to 50 mm (0 to 2 in) Resolution 0.01/0.1/1.0 μm (0.0000005 in/0.000005 in/0.00005 in) Display unit 8 digits/14 mm (0.6 in) character height (without signs) Scale type Reflection type linear encoder Stroke 51.5 mm (2 in) (when using a standard contact point) Measuring accuracy (20 °C)*1 (0.5+L/100) μm L=arbitrary measuring length (mm) Accuracy guaranteed temperature*2 20 ± 1 °C Repeatability*1 = 0.05 μm Measuring force*1 0.01 N 0.15 N*3 1 N*3 0.01 N 0.15 N*3 1 N*3 Feed speed Measurement Approx. 2 mm/s (0.08 in/s) or 4 mm/s (0.16 in/s) (changeable by parameter) Fast feed Approx. 8 mm/s (0.3 in/s) Contact point ø3 mm carbide tipped (fixing screw: M2.5 (P=0.45)×5), standard contact point: 901312 Measuring table ø100 (ceramic, grooved, removable) — Input Footswitch input (when optional footswitch is used), External Control Output Digimatic output/RS-232C output (changeable by parameter) Rating Power supply 85 to 264 V AC (depends on AC adapter) Power consumption Max. 12 W (12 V, 1 A) EU Directive Standard: EN61326-1:2013, Immunity test requirement: Clause 6.2 Table 2, Emission limit: Class B Main unit mass 19 kg (35.2 lbs) 6 kg (11 lbs) Standard Accessories AC adapter: 357651, Power cable: 02ZAA000, Grounding wire: 934626, AC cable (Japan): 02ZAA000, AC cable (USA): 02ZAA010, AC cable (EU): 02ZAA020, AC cable (UK): 02ZAA030, AC cable (China): 02ZAA040, AC cable (Korea): 02ZAA050 Hex wrench (2 pcs, for fixing contact point and for removing fixing bracket) Optional accessories Footswitch: 937179T — Dedicated stand: 957460 Output connector (with cover): 02ADB440 (for external control) RS-LINK/Digimatic connecting cable: 936937 (1 m) 965014 (2 m) Recommended interchangeable contact points*5 (Measuring force when each interchangeable contact point is used.) Shell type: 101118 (Approx. 0.02 N) Carbide tipped spherical contact point, ø7: 120059 (Approx. 0.03 N) Carbide tipped spherical contact point, ø10.5: 120060 (Approx. 0.06 N) Carbide tipped needle contact point, ø0.45: 120066 (Approx. 0.01 N) VL weight parts : 02AZE375 Measuring force: Approx 0.01 N to 0.96 N Note: The above VL weights are not applicable to VL-50-100-B, VL-50S-100-B. *1 Normal measurement using standard contact point (with smoothing set as “weak”). *2 Under less temperature change, and hot or cold direct airflow should be avoided. *3 0.15 N and 1 N types are factory-installed options. *4 To denote your AC power cable add the following suffixes to the order No.: A for UL / CSA, D for CEE, DC for CCC, E for BS, F for SAA, K for KC, and No suffix are required for PSE. *5 When another contact point that has a flat measuring face is mounted, the contact point requires parallelism adjustment with respect to the table surface. Mounting this contact point should be custom-ordered from Mitutoyo. Note: Motor life is approximately 100,000 operations, after which replacement is advisable. This maintenance factor is particularly important to bear in mind when the machine is used frequently, such as on a production line.

6 Optional weights for the Litematic (02AZE375) VL-50-B Interchangeable contact points VL-50S-B Optional stand for VL-50S-B 202 300 103.2 56 380.2 Measuring table ø100 Clamp screw for measuring table Contact point Display Operation switch PM1 PM2 PM3 TEACH LIMIT PRESET ZERO MODE TIR C.T UNIT GO/NG MAX MIN WORK T.H 29 80 14.8 172 186.4 50.2 80.2 (11°) 4-M4×0.7 depth 10 56 Display unit Connecting cable 2 m 85 150 170 82.95 ø32 12.5 Measuring unit 15 80 270 ø50 300 48 80 56 157 Clamp 365 Column Height adjustment nut Base Bracket Hexagon socket head cap screw Litematic head 250 10 SR2.5 ø5 Order No. 101118 Measuring force 0.02 N Order No. 120066 Measuring force 0.01 N 3 7 ø0.45 Material: Hardened steel Material: carbide Flatness: 3 µm Material: carbide 10 1.7 øD SR ød Order No. 120059 120060 Measuring force 0.03 N 0.06 N D ø7.5 ø10.5 d ø6.5 ø9.5 SR 7 10 (Unit: mm) Note: When a contact point having a flat measuring surface, other than those described above, is installed, the measuring surface must be adjusted for parallelism with the table surface. This requires special order. One of the notable characteristics of the Litematic is its small measuring force (0.01 N or 0.15 N models). However, depending on the characteristics of the workpiece, i t may not be possible to transmi t a sufficient measuring force and the contact point may appear suspended. To solve such a problem, optional weights are available that attach to the spindle to achieve the appropriate measuring force without damaging the workpiece. Note: Cannot be used with VL-50-100-B, or VL-50S-100-B Spindle with an optional weight installed External appearance of optional weights Measuring forces generated by weight combinations for 0.01/0.15 N models Measuring force (N) Extension rod A B C 0.01 0.15 0.06 0.21 1 0.16 0.31 1 1 0.26 0.41 1 1 0.36 0.51 1 1 1 0.46 0.61 1 1 0.56 0.71 1 1 1 0.66 0.81 1 1 1 0.76 0.91 1 1 1 1 0.86 — 1 2 0.96 — 1 2 1 Weight C (approximately 10 gf) Weight A (approximately 40 gf) Weight B (approximately 20 gf) Extension rod (approximately 5 gf) Dimensions

7 (1) Applicable plugNo.02ADB440 No.02ADB440 (with cover) Optional accessory Applicable plug specification 10136-3000VE (3M: Plug) 10336-52AO-008 (3M: Cover) DX40M-36P (Hirose: Plug) DX30M-36-CV (Hirose: Cover) 18 1 36 Receptacle 10236-52A2 (3M®) or equivalent 19 Pin No. Signal name Input/Output Description (purpose) 1 COM — Common terminal to input and output circuits (internally connected to GND) 2 COM — 3 L1 OUT Tolerance judgment output terminal A related judgment terminal only outputs “L” At error occurrence L1, L5 = Outputs “L” L2, L3, L4 = Outputs “H” 4 L2 OUT 5 L3 OUT 6 L4 OUT 7 L5 OUT 10 NOM OUT Outputs “L” in the count mode. 21 ULIMIT OUT Outputs “L” at the top dead point of the spindle. 22 WORK OUT Outputs “L” upon detection of a workpiece. 25 SET1 IN Specifies peak selection/motor speed in combination with SET. 26 SET2 IN 28 MODE IN Peak selection: In combination with SET 30 UP IN Motor control: Specifies a spindle ascent speed along with SET. 31 DN IN Motor control: Specifies a spindle ascent speed along with SET. 32 FSW IN Motor control: Same function as that of footswitch. 34 HOLD IN The display value is held during input. At error occurrence the error is cleared at the leading edge of this signal. 35 P.SET IN Executes presetting. Peak clear: The peak value is cleared upon input of the signal during the HOLD signal input in the Peak mode. N.C. — Unconnected terminals (8, 9, 11-20, 23, 24, 27, 29, 33 and 36 pin terminals) Peak mode SET2 SET1 Current value H H MAX H L MIN L H TIR L L Speed SET2 SET1 VL-50B/50-SB VL-50AH 8 mm/s 5 mm/s H H 4 mm/s 3 mm/s H L 2 mm/s 2 mm/s L H 1 mm/s 1 mm/s L L Speed SET2 SET1 VL-50B/50-SB VL-50AH 8 mm/s 5 mm/s H H 4 mm/s 3 mm/s H L 2 mm/s 2 mm/s L H 1 mm/s 1 mm/s L L When changing the spindle speed, stops the spindle once and allows 50 ms or more before change. When changing the spindle speed, stops the spindle once and allows 50 ms or more before change. (2) Pin assignment Connec tor terminal Func tion

8 (3) Input/output circuit +5 V 5 KΩ 74HC14 or the equivalent 0.01 µF TD62583 or the equivalent Maximum output voltage:24 V Maximum output current:20 mA Maximum saturation voltage:0.7 V Counter External circuitry example 1. Output circuit: When the signal goes to "Low," the transistor turns on. (Open collector output) 2. Input circuit: When the signal goes to "Low," the input is enabled. +5 V External circuitry example Use open-collector output or relay output, etc. 0.01 µF Maximum input current :1 mA Input voltage (H) :H=4~24 V Input voltage (L) :=1 V max. Counter 5 KΩ 5 KΩ

9 (4) Timing Chart 1. Power On characteristics 3. Tolerance judgment result output timing 5. HOLD, Error clear 2. External presetting 4. Mode/Up/DN timing MIN.2sec ※( )はEB-D MIN.2 (4)sec Power supply HOLD NOM I/O出力 MIN.30 ms MAX.30 ms L1 Max. Min. L3 L5 ( ) indicates a value in the Smoothing (“soft”) MAX.16 (100)ms MAX.16 (100)ms MIN.15 ms MIN.15 ms * Peak clear input (following HOLD input, preset input) *1: The value in ( ) is that at the time of smoothing. *2: In case of parameter 28 and HOLD selection 1. MIN. 0 ms MIN.15 ms HOLD P.SET Data latch MAX.10 µs (±100 ms) *1 MAX.30 ms Data output *2 DATA MODE•UP•DN M I N . 6 m s M I N . 1 2 m s MA X . 1 2 m s M I N . 1 2 m s SET1,2 MIN.16 ms MIN.16 ms PA、PB Not available during key input, RS-232C input, and Digimatic data processing.

10 Command format Response output Operation content GA CRLF G # , + 01234.567CRLF A display value is output via RS-232C. “ ” indicates gauge channel numbers 01 to 99 (al l channel number to 01 “#” indicates the type of data (N: current value, X: maximum value, M: minimum value, and W: TIR) CRLF stands for carriage return (CR) and line feed (LF). CN CRLF CH CRLF The display is switched to the current value. CX CRLF CH CRLF The display is switched to the maximum value. CM CRLF CH CRLF The display is switched to the minimum value. CW CRLF CH CRLF The display is switched to the TIR value. CR CRLF CH CRLF The display is zero-set. CL CRLF CH CRLF The peak value is cleared. CP , + 01234567CRLF CH CRLF The preset value is input. Input a preset value and a tolerance limit with a sign and a numeric value of 8 digits without appending a decimal point. CD , + 01234567CRLF CH CRLF Input tolerance limit S1. Perform tolerance setup in the order of CD and CG for 3-step tolerance judgment and in the order of CD, CE, CF, and CG for 5-step tolerance judgment. An error message is output if there is a difference in tolerance limit order, or in the number of steps between the setting and data to be sent, or if incorrect data exists. If this is the case, repeat setup from the beginning of the CD command. CE , + 01234567CRLF CH CRLF Input tolerance limit S2. CF , + 01234567CRLF CH CRLF Input tolerance limit S3. CG , + 01234567CRLF CH CRLF Input tolerance limit S4. CS CRLF CH CRLF An error is canceled. VS , + CRLF CH CRLF Spindle control Sign +: Moves up the spindle., sign -:Moves down the spindle. $: Speed specification 0: Stop 1: 2 mm/s 2: 4 mm 3: 8 mm/s approx. VT , + CRLF CH , #CRLF Status of spindle condition In place of #, 0: Normal 1: Upper dead point limit 2: WORK ON Channel number 00 cannot be used. Pin No. Signal name Input/Output Definition 2 RXD IN Receive data 3 TXD OUT Transmit data 4 DTR OUT Data terminal ready 5 GND — Ground 6 DSR IN Data set ready 7 RTS OUT Request to send 8 CTS IN Clear to send 1, 9 N.C. — Unconnected Home position DTE (terminal) and cross cable are to be used. Communication method half-duplex, non-procedural Baud rate 4800, 9600, 19200 bps Bit configuration Start bit: 1 Data bits: (7 or 8) ASCII, uppercase Parity bit: None, even or odd Stop bits: 2 Communication condition setup Set with parameters. (2) Pin assignment (3) Communication protocol (EIA RS-232C compatible) 1 5 6 9 •Receptacle specification: D-sub 9-pin (male), inch thread spec. •Applicable plug specification: D-sub 9-pin (female), inch thread spec. •Commercial cable examples: For DOS/V: KRS-403XF1K (1.5 m), Sanwa Supply Corp. For PC-98 series: KRS-423XF1K (1.5 m), Sanwa Supply Corp. (1) List of commands RS-232C Communication Func tion

11 Printer Digimatic mini processor DP-1VA LOGGER 264-505 Prints the Digimatic output up to 8 digits from Litematic. Connecting cable (936937) (4) Timing Chart RS-232C command input and response output MAX.20 ms* MIN.10 ms Command Response output *The RS-232C output is put on hold during key operations. LF LF LF RS-232C data output time The maximum output time when the all-data-output command (GA00CRLF) is used can be calculated using the following formula: Maximum output time [ms] = counter connection count X 20 + connected channel X 17 (8.5) + 6 (3) *At a transfer speed of 9,600 bps; figures inside ( ) indicate values [in ms] when the speed is 19,200 bps. (Calculation example) 1 VL unit = MAX43 (31.5) ms (Note: The processing time by the personal computer is not included.)

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